A kind of ballet



Wednesday 28 June, 2017

A little rain overnight but this morning all fine again, though overcast for the morning. Still warm enough to venture out without a jersey. And this morning we ventured out to the open-air market, held every Wednesday morning along by the lighthouse. And a good market it was too, though I didn’t buy anything. L sampled some of the food and pronounced it good, and bought a new bumbag. And here’s me being touted at the one who gets obsessed about finding the perfect bag. Me, who’s stuck with the little black, unreliable zippered worn-out wallet-y purse right through this trip and which has (so far, touch wood) done its job admirably. The zip only fails if I try to put both cell phone and glasses in the wallet.

Anyway, it was a good market, and there was lots I could have bought but didn’t, being mindful that anything I buy, I have to carry.

What did catch my eye most this morning, though, was watching the Ile de Batz freight ferry — a roll-on roll-off barge capable of beach landings — unload and load up again. First about five large trucks were driven off — three at least were articulated. Then two men, a tractor each, loaded the barge for the return journey with trailers filled with supplies of various sorts. It was like watching a synchronised tractor ballet. Those guys had it down to a fine art, swooping and turning, one each end of the ramp, preparing to back up the ramp and off-load the trailer. One would back up first and while he was positioning his load, the other would be starting to back his load up. I thought at times they couldn’t possibly have enough room to manoeuvre past each other, but of course they were giving a master class.  The photos below don’t really show the beauty of the manoeuvres but may give you a bit of an idea.

So market over, ballet over, and it was time for a coffee and pain au chocolat (croissant for L) at what’s become our ‘regular’ — a small salon du thé which we used on Saturday last while we were waiting for instructions on finding the keys to our accommondation. We liked it so much — and it is just across the road — that we’ve back every day since.

The afternoon was a trip to Morlaix, which is  a 45-minute bus trip and a place we both enjoyed spending a couple of hours in. But I’ll tell you about that next time.



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