Thursday 29 June, 2017


We went to Morlaix yesterday afternoon. It’s about a three-quarter hour bus trip from Roscoff and is where we changed from the train to the bus for the final stage of our trip to Roscoff last Saturday. That was a bit hectic, getting off the train and working out where the temporary bus station is. Of course it was quite obvious when you knew, but it wasn’t well signposted.

Anyway, today we didn’t get off the SNCF stop but carried on to the viaduct stop in the centre of town. It’s so named because there is a 60m high railway viaduct, built in the 1860s, that towers above the town. Of course we would have known this if we’d bothered to read the guide book beforehand, but we didn’t and we hadn’t so the viaduct came as a surprise. Usually our choice of destination is dependent on whatever bus route we can work out and find the stop for. But the viaduct — it’s lovely. We were able to walk up to the pedestrian bit below the railway line, which gives fabulous views of both sides of the town. Sadly I didn’t get a good shot of the arches because randoms kept getting in the way. However as two of them were workmen with a ladder fixing stuff, there was no way I could wait it out till they moved.

The other surprise was that the town has a substantial river port for yachts and other small pleasure craft. So of course we walked along to the lock and back the other side. After that, time for a bite to eat and time to buy half a dozen macarons. Surprisingly, these are the first macarons I’ve bought on the trip. Worth the wait. Of the ones I’ve tasted so far, the citron vert is the best. A nice sharp tangy taste to the filling that cuts the sweetness. Still two more flavours to try, but I think the citron vert will be the favourite.

Here’s some photos from yesterday.









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